Lips are a focal point when speaking, adding expressive impact to the words being spoken. A person’s age, health, emotional status, and general attitude is judged by the appearance of the lips. Permanent makeup lip coloring tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips toward a more pleasant, youthful, even pouty or sensual look.


This is the most popular lip treatment, where the lips are left tinted with an overall color. No more lipstick worries!

Full Lips

This method is for anyone who wants the appearance of wearing lipstick with a defined lip line. Stacey first creates a liner on the lip border then implants color inward throughout the fleshy part of the lips. When healed, lip gloss can be worn alone or different colors of lipstick can be applied on top. Uneven lip size can be adjusted by tattooing just outside or inside of the edges of the lips to balance thickness. Uneven lip borders can also be balanced with this procedure.

Lip sculpting can be accomplished with permanent cosmetics. Smear fears are eliminated and lip shape can be perfected with lip cosmetic tattoo color. Permanent lip color is wonderful for the lipstick connoisseur because they can still apply their topicals as desired, but never be bare. Permanent lip tattoo is also great for those who don’t like to fuss with makeup because they still don’t have to fuss with it.The lip’s cupid bow is the defining feature of the lips and sets the mood for the overall look. Have you noticed the varying degrees of the cupids bow shapes? A) How sharp or smoothly rounded the peaks are, B) How deep the “V” between the peaks is, C) How wide the “V” is, D) How sharp or smoothly rounded the bottom of the “V” is. Of course when you smile, the V widens and the peaks flatten out.

Gently rounded cupid’s bow peaks are most often seen, and can be drawn as desired regardless of philtral column structure & location (see lip anatomy). Pointed peaks need to be in line with the philtral columns or it will look ‘off’. Pointed peaks should have a wide base so they won’t look like tall, thin volcano peaks. Philtral columns are formed differently on various individuals. They may be too close together, too far apart, or one column stretched out to the side farther. If the cupids bow peaks are too close or too far apart, the lips can look awkward.